• Richard Ayres Derby

    An excellent Apartment - will definitely use again!

    Many thanks

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  • Alison Cliffe UK

    Hi Alex,
    Once again we're interested in holidaying at Royal Gardens. There are 6 adults in our party. We enjoyed our stay last year and wondered if the same apartments are available on the following dates:-

    20th April for 2 weeks
    27th April for 2 weeks
    4th May for 2 weeks

    If there are no apts available on those dates please notify us of any availability around this time.


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  • Andrey

    Yesterday we return back to Vienna from our short holidays on Tenerife.

    My family wants to say HUGE THANK YOU for such great accommodation there, we all were happy with apartment completely!!!!

    Please keep in mind we will return back to there in October 2013 for 3 weeks as was planed for this year, to the same aparment, if possible.

    Best wishes and thank you once again,

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  • Stewart

    The apartment at Las Flores was great I'm looking for accommodation for December 30th for 7 nights can you see if you have anything also I have friends heading out on the 26th December who are looking for a 1 bed apartment.


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  • Anne Leth

    Dear Alex,

    We had a nice week in apartment 23 on Parque Santiago 3 - from the 5th to 12th october.

    Maybe we'll take the offer another time :o)

    Best regards

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  • Sheila Kissane

    Just to say had a really good Holiday the Tenerife Royal Gardens apartment was lovely also just to say a belated "Happy New Year to you".

    I passed your details onto my brother and another Friend who are looking at Holidays in Tenerife.

    With kind regards,

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  • Ståle

    We had a first class holiday in the Tenerife Royal Gardens last November/December. Both the apartment and the complex was top. And situated on the bech...great!! I understood from your mail that the apartment would not be available for our next holiday this autumn. When talking to the persons in the office they said the same, but the lady there said that there might perhaps be a small chance. The said to keep contact with you, and hopefully if the apartment would be free a period before Christmas, you might be able to help us. So please keep looking


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  • Mrs Houghting

    Just to say that we enjoyed our week in TRG the apartment was very good but sofa bed not so comfortable but we managed would recommend it was a good location and plenty of space.

    Thank You

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  • Eddy Lloyd

    Back almost 1 week now and really enjoyed the apartment but now looking about March!!

    What have you got for the dates

    10/3/12 - 20/3/12 or 10/3/12 - 22/3/12 - 8/3/12 - 20/3/12

    The same apartment is not available I think so maybe you can see what is.Look forward to the reply


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  • Ståle


    We arrived at 11am today, and found the apartment 217A in perfect condition. It looks great, and the view, superb, like you said. It is not big, but for the two of us, its what we wanted. And not to mention the patio, Sissel, my wife fell in love with it at once.

    If it is possible we would gladly book here for 3 weeks about the same time next year. Do you know already now if it will be free?

    Looking forward to a nice holiday.


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