• Ståle


    We arrived at 11am today, and found the apartment 217A in perfect condition. It looks great, and the view, superb, like you said. It is not big, but for the two of us, its what we wanted. And not to mention the patio, Sissel, my wife fell in love with it at once.

    If it is possible we would gladly book here for 3 weeks about the same time next year. Do you know already now if it will be free?

    Looking forward to a nice holiday.


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  • Våge Ericssons

    Back in Sweden again. The apartment was exellent. The whole family are satisfied.
    Wish you a nice weekend with many City-goals...........ooops United.
    We are the Gunners.


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  • Noreen Thompson

    Hi Alex, delighted with the accomodation in tenerife, was wondering if we could book both appartments and a villa in the same place for two weeks next year around the same time and the cost. thanks a million

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  • Tanja Denmark

    Hi Alex

    Back in Denmark, I need to send this mail - to tell you that our holliday was perfect. Apartment better than expected - nice location in Playa de las Americas, nice pools - fine service in reception, even if its a private apratment.

    We are deffentaly comming back to internet travel shop, and we will tell everybody to book them selves via you - and a save.a lot

    We might wish apartment 12 B next time, hope that possible.

    Best regard
    Tanja In Denmark, and her familly.

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  • Chris

    Had a great week in Tenerife and the apartment was brilliant. Looking at going in October, do you have any apartments on the ground or first floor?


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  • Ann

    Ann here just to say the villa was gorgeous and we all had a brilliant holiday, thank you soo much for arranging that for us. Our plane was delayed going back, but just by 2 hours!!

    The girls all were very impressed with Villamoura and we are planning to go back again next year.....will let you know sometime in the next threee months.

    Thanks again

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  • Valerija

    Hello Alex,

    Thank you very much for such a nice apartment in Tenerife where we stayed in March :)

    Now we are planning to visit London. We are 3 persons and going to stay there from 17.05 till 20.05.Do you have something to offer us?
    Would prefer not very far from the city centre.

    Thank you in advance,


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  • Gunnhild Holst-Olsen Hundstad


    Back home in the snow, and the easter-holidays are over, and my husband is going back to work tomorrow :))

    Just wanted to write, and say thank you for letting us rent app. 2039!!
    We had a great time!! Too bad the vacation wasn't longer. 7 weeks is too short :))
    My mother was so satisfied, for having her own bathroom.
    The moving, the last week, was ok. The appartment we got instead of 2039 was beautiful.
    (And the ladies at the office were so nice!!)

    We are very glad we used your company!!

    I'm already planning the vacation for next year. It will be either from mar 11th - apr 15th, or from mar 18th - apr 22nd. And I wonder: Is app 2030 occupied in that periode?? We still need a 2 bed/2 bath appartment, and we'd love one with morning sun. (That was the only thing we were missing in 2039)

    Have a nice day.


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  • John

    Hi Diane,

    Just to let you know we had a great holiday and the flat was excellent.


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  • Anders Iversen

    I almost forgot to whrite to you again, but now I do.

    We would like to say thanks for your help geting us an appartment at Tenerife 19-26th March. It was absolutely OK. As well we wolud like to contact you another time, when we are looking for holliday appartment.

    Are you operating other places than Tenerife?

    Best regards

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